18-year-old USF Senior in med & law school

Posted at 3:13 PM, Apr 29, 2016

"I didn't even know how young he is until about a year ago. I had no idea,” said USF Honors College Dean Charles Adams.

He is young-- the youngest to walk across USF's graduation stage.

But age isn't the only surprising thing about Ahmed Mohamed.

Yes, he came to USF when he was 15 years old.

We met the Blake High prodigy three years ago when he was a few inches shorter.

"For the first two months, I am going to be dropped off by my mother at college until I get my own license and my own car,” he told ABC Action News.

Mohamed is graduating USF in just three years at 18 years old.

"Yes, it can be tough and yes, it can be stressful,” he said.

He is also enrolled in USF's Medical School and Stetson Law School simultaneously.

"Do your friends say, what are you thinking? Are you crazy?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” Mohamed laughed.  “Actually, a lot of the time but mostly I've just received encouragement."

A biomedical ethics class pointed him on this 6 year path. He'll be the first student to attend USF Medical and Stetson Law at the same time.

"Ethical issues such as you know, access to healthcare. How can we improve the medical system so that more people can have the ability to be healthy? Pricing of drugs and treatments-- How can we improve the system, set rules and regulations so that everyone who needs a drug can afford it, you know?" said Mohamed.

The Tampa teen gets his USF diploma next Friday-- an amazing accomplishment.

But what's ahead of him may be even more challenging.

"It's going to be rigorous. It's going to be difficult but if anybody can do it, Ahmed can do it. I'm confident,” said USF Honors College Dean Adams.