Unsolved murders impacting food deliveries in Seminole Heights

Papa John's not delivering in SE Seminole Heights
Posted at 11:14 PM, Oct 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-30 23:14:41-04

The threat of a killer in Seminole Heights is shutting down some restaurant deliveries. 

With three murders still unsolved, Papa John's Pizza is not sending drivers into Southeast Seminole Heights. 


Some customers are finding this out only after their pizza never made it to the front door. 

"I ordered online and they accepted my address," said Jordan Jimenez. 

Jimenez ordered a pepperoni pizza from Papa John's online Sunday night. Despite paying by credit card, the pizza had not been delivered an hour and a half later. 

"I just thought they lost my order," said Jimenez. 

The order was at Papa John's Pizza on Hillsborough Avenue. 

The Seminole Heights location isn't sending drivers south of Hillsborough to Chelsea Street, and east of the interstate to 22nd Street.  

“For the delivery drivers, I can understand why it’s a concern," said Jimenez. "For me, when I walk outside of my house I look twice, behind my back, behind the corner, so you can imagine how a delivery driver would feel in that type of situation going from home to home in this area.”

Papa John's Pizza isn't commenting further on the new delivery policy, but did tell ABC Action News that impacted customers will receive 50 percent off all carryout orders. 

The recent homicides are a concern for local delivery driver Jose Vazquez. 

"Every time that I go to a residence, I look around and before I get in my car, before I get out of the car," said Vazquez. "Whoever is doing all these killings, that has to be a sick individual."

Heights Pizza on Florida Avenue offers free delivery in Seminole Heights, and that's not stopping now. 

"This person is not going to instill fear in this community," said Vazquez. "I'm just going to go ahead and keep doing my job in the best way that I can."