Tampa woman's unique design to be given to Pope

Posted at 6:14 PM, Sep 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 18:14:30-04

One woman in Tampa Bay is making sure the Pope is dressed in the very best in Philadelphia. She’s had a hand or two in creating it.

With each stitch, Linda Patterson feels closer to God.

“I do an awful lot of praying you know okay Lord if I ever need you I need you right now,” Patterson said.

The retired kindergarten teacher is known for her designs for diocese.

“A gift that god has given me that I can give back by making these designs that they can wear for the liturgies you know it’s just part of me is right there,” Patterson said.

Now part of her is in Philadelphia. A stole she created will be given to Pope Francis during his trip.

“It's an extremely great, great honor to do it for the pope but I would still feel the same way whether it’s the pope, whether is a bishop, whether it’s a priest that it probably strengthens my faith, strengthens my spirituality,” Patterson said.

She's sewn on oil paintings done by a Clearwater artist, then embellished with rambling roses down the sides. She said each fabric, color and choice she made has religious meaning.

Linda's no stranger to Saints. A few years ago she gave a stole to Pope John Paul II. Now religious leaders here are vying for vestments.

“I’ve had a couple priests in our diocese email me, Linda, its beautiful are you taking orders?” she said.

It's hard to measure Linda's excitement. She hopes to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis wearing her stole.

“I want a picture of them presenting it to Pope Francis, he says you will get the first picture,” she said.

Maybe with a little divine intervention, she will get to meet him in person one day.

If you want to know more about Linda’s stoles, visit her website