Tampa Theatre reopens after $6M renovation

Posted at 5:36 PM, Dec 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 17:46:16-05

The Tampa Theatre in Downtown Tampa is ready to show off it’s new look.

The historic structure, built in 1926, just underwent a six week, $6 million facelift.

The first movie to be shown in the newly renovated theatre will be “Shape Of Water.”  The film has already been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture.  James DeFord with the Tampa Theatre says they wanted to open back up with a bang and a movie with so much buzz behind it was the perfect way to do it.

“It’s a 91-year-old, historic landmark,” said DeFord. “We want it to continue to be beautiful and functional for the next 91 years.”

The renovations include fresh coats of paint in the entrance and halls. The colors are a perfect match from nearly a century ago.

"They found the original surface levels of paint, they pulled the pigment out and looked at it under a microscope; duplicated the entire pallet and came in and painted to make it look just like it did when it opened in October of 1926," said DeFord.

There are portions of the theatre that are the same from opening day.  A few water fountains, the ticket booth, some telephones inside, the tapestry and a great deal of the art.

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