Buckhorn hints at more big news after NY visit

Posted at 5:18 PM, Sep 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-30 17:18:01-04
"Today more than half the global population is residing in cities," said President Bill Clinton on Tuesday at the Clinton Global Initiative.
On a New York stage, President Clinton seemed to be in a Tampa state of mind.
"Tampa has become a very, very hot real estate market and we are top of mind of every major relocation expert in the country," said Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn.
Just back from his Big Apple trip, Buckhorn is hinting there are more announcements to come with regard to Jeff Vinik's 40 acre property in Channelside.
Vinik is currently on a "business recruiting" trip in New York with Tampa Hillsborough Economic Redevelopment Corporation's Rick Homans.
"I know more than I can tell you. It's not pie in the sky," said Buckhorn.
He's referring to the effort to relocate a major corporation to downtown Tampa and bring higher paying jobs.
"Whether it's Citi (Group), whether it's JP Morgan Chase, whether it's GE (General Electric) which would be a much, much larger endeavor and that is largely a function of their dissatisfaction with tax structure in the State of Connecticut," said the Mayor.
Vinik has been very public about shopping Tampa to former business associates in the Northeast.
The Mayor says he's getting traction. 
"He has become our best ambassador and when he makes phone calls to his former peers, and corporate CEOs, those phone calls get returned," said Buckhorn. 
Vinik wraps up his New York trip on Thursday.