Tampa family seeking answers to unsolved murder

58-year-old Sharon Watkins killed in shooting
Posted at 5:27 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 18:21:40-04
A Tampa family is desperate for answers one year after a 58-year-old grandmother was shot and killed in her home.
To this day, there are no suspects and little evidence to explain why she may have been targeted.
Sharon Watkins was lying in her bedroom when someone fired shots through the window, hitting and killing her. The family is still clinging to hope the case will be solved so that other families won't have to live through their pain.
Showanda Darns thinks of her mom every single day.
"Nobody knows the pain behind not hearing from your mom for a whole year, not being able to call and say, 'Happy birthday,' or 'Happy Mother's Day,' none of that. So it's just extremely painful for my family," Darns said.
That pain is only deeper because the family has so many questions about what happened and why.  But Showanda is confident someone has information that could solve her mom's murder.
"Whatever you saw or whatever your heard, it's not too small. Please go to the authorities because my mom deserves justice and so does her family," said Darns.
Soon, her mom's home and all the neighboring apartments will be torn down for highway construction. But that's actually giving the family hope. 
Showanda thinks as people move away from each other, they might be less fearful of turning in someone they know.
"When you get the person off the streets who's been terrorizing the streets, then you have nothing to be scared of. When all of us come together and stand against the violence and against violent people, then we can make change. But until people step up, there's nothing we can do but pray," said Darns.
If you know anything about the shooting death of Sharon Watkins, call Tampa Police at 813-231-6130 or Crime Stoppers 800-873-TIPS. A cash reward is available for information in the case.