Seminole Heights homeowners installing cameras to help Tampa Police catch possible serial killer

Seminole Heights families install security cams
Posted at 2:20 AM, Oct 25, 2017

With the Seminole Heights killer still out there, many neighbors are investing in security cameras.

Stan Lasater installed a Ring camera. He lives just down the street from where one of the victims was found. He is able to change his camera's settings so it turns on when it senses motion and is encouraging other neighbors to do that too.

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"Cameras of this nature are incredibly helpful," said Brian Kensel, who used to work for the FBI.

Kensel believes cameras could help identify and find the murderer. 

"That was usually some of the best evidence that we could have to solve a bank robbery," Kensel said.

Many of these cameras are really advanced.

Lasater's Ring has a fish eye camera, so not only can you see what is right in front of your front door, you can also see all the way out to the street.

The only security footage the Tampa Police Department is sharing is of a man walking down the street around the time of one of the shootings. Detectives are not saying he is a suspect, just that they want to talk to him.

It is hard to make out who the person is in the video released, but Kensel says police departments can enhance pictures and video. That is why if your camera records anything of interest you should turn it over to officers.

While a certain detail in a video or picture may mean nothing to you, Kensel says it could be the key piece of evidence a detective is looking for to solve the crime.

Lasater says neighbors are all over social media now, talking about installing cameras. And people from other areas are letting their friends borrow their cameras.

"I think if everyone does the same thing with their cameras we start lighting up the neighborhood and making it brighter, making it where cameras get better images," said Lasater. "I think we will eventually catch this person based on someone’s footage."

You can register your camera with the Tampa Police Department by clicking here.