Red Cross feeding families who lost food after Irma

Posted at 4:08 PM, Sep 17, 2017

Many folks affected by Hurricane Irma lost everything they had in their fridge because of power outages. The Red Cross is stepping up, feeding folks in the Tampa Bay area who need it the most.

"All the food is gone. Yes, I had nothing in my refrigerator,” said Virginia Dehoyos, who picked up a free lunch at Al Lopez Park Sunday. Her home flooded and she didn't’t have power until Thursday.

"I cried. I cried, it's not because everything is terror now, but because you have feeling,” she said.

The Red Cross says they are sending hot meals into parts of the county that need it most. Folks can get updated lists on the organizations Facebookand Twitter accounts. Red Cross officials say free meals are also being served at shelters that are still open, and in Hillsborough County, the school district is sending out text alerts, notifying people the schools where food and water can be picked up at.

They say it’s also a good idea to check local food banks for supplies.

Donations are also pouring in from folks more fortunate in Pasco County.

"We never lost power. When you see the devastation to the level that we're seeing on TV, we're just grateful our community is helping and pitching in,” said Scott Kline. He stopped by the Pasco County staging area located on State Road 54 and the Veterans expressway in the old Target building, multiple times.

He knows what it's like to lose everything. His land-o-lakes home was condemned after a massive sink hole opened up beneath it a few months back, “It’s heartbreaking."

Pasco County officials say canned and non perishable foods, plus baby supplies are needed the most right now.

"We're seeing some of the unseen damage - the human side of it. Where people either spent all their resources to either prepare or to evacuate as they were told to, and now they're coming back, and that's a financial hardship that many people in our community sustained," said Laura Black, with Pasco County.

Feeding Tampa Bayis also serving meals, and giving away donations to people in need.
The Red Cross is encouraging folks to apply for FEMA that way if you did lose food, and need financial help, you may get it. Click here to start the process.