Protests outside Trump Rally in Tampa mostly peaceful

Posted at 3:50 PM, Jun 11, 2016
About two dozen protestors chanted anti-Donald Trump slogans and held signs outside of the Tamp Convention Center on Saturday.  It was mostly a peaceful day, but there were some heated confrontations between Trump supporters and protestors.
"As soon as I got out of my truck I got several fingers and foul language so it wasn't a warm welcome," said protestor Eleuterio Salazar.
Tampa Police formed a wall between protestors and supporters in an effort to make sure the protest didn't get out of hand.
Protestors said they are fueled by Trump's racist comments. Supporters like Bertha Hoell was holding a shirt that said "Latinos for Trump."
"The Latinos who are against Trump are ignorant they don't watch reality," said Hoell.
Officers reported few problems during the event.