'Plan X' texting trend helps teens escape peer pressure

Simple texting technique sweeping the nation
Posted at 5:27 PM, Mar 03, 2017

Allison Alvarez has two teen daughters who she has already talked to about peer pressure.

"You see it in movies and TV, so you have to let them know that if they do have questions, home is where you want them to get the answers rather than other kids," said Alvarez.

But peer pressure can persuade many teens into drug use. The Hillsborough County Anti Drug Alliance is promoting a texting trend to keep teens safe from peer pressure. It's called Plan X.

"Text "X" to your parent or guardian and the parent will call you back and say hey there's a family emergency I'm going to come get you," said youth coordinator Denise Birungi-Evans.

Birungi-Evans said the plan is an easy and discreet way for teens to get out of a bad situation.  

"Sometimes peer pressure can be very demanding," said Birungi-Evans.

She said parents and teens who use the Plan X system also become closer over time.

"They will start to open up to tell you about their life," said Birungi-Evans.

Alvarez said she plans to talk to her daughters about the texting system.



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