2nd Orangutan in less than 3 weeks esacpes habitat at Busch Gardens, Tampa

Visitors feet from great ape falling out of a tree
Posted at 5:27 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-02 16:06:09-04

An 18-year-old orangutan named "Luna" escaped her habitat at Busch Gardens on Friday forcing guests in portions of the park to evacuate.

Luna was captured nearly an hour later and is now back in her habitat. Guests said they couldn't believe what was going on.

"We saw the orangutans on the way but there was this one by itself, so I busted out my phone and started recording," Guillermo Ramos III said. Ramos is visiting Florida from Alaska. "This lone orangutan by itself I thought it was unusual. If anything, I was kind of excited cool an orangutan out of his habitat."

Ramos shot video of the orangutan swinging from limb to limb seemingly enjoying herself. Then, the limb snapped sending Luna crashing to the ground just feet from other guests.

"It was afraid, so it got back on one of the signs cuddling itself," Frank Sepulveda said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said an employee was called to the park to assist.

Park goers we talked to said Busch Gardens needs to find out how the great apes are escaping to protect people and the animals.

"We are still investigating with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission on how she escaped and we will be reviewing all the oranguan habitats,"  Karen Varga-Sinka with Busch Gardens Public Communications said in a statement.

"It's probably something they want to take a look at with all the instances going on with animal safety around the world," Richard Rodriguez said. 

One Twitter user posted video of the animal in a tree as people below watched.





Another Twitter user said guests had been locked in a food court as a result of the escape.


It was captured a short time later. No word yet how it escaped its enclosure.
This is the second time an orangutan has escaped in the park in recent weeks.
A juvenile male orangutan left his habitat June 16 at 6:30 p.m., about 30 minutes before the park closed, according to Busch Gardens. The habitat was in a “non-guest facing” area in the Jungala section of the park.

Busch Gardens said, "it was not the same orangutan as earlier this month, that  was a 10 year old male.  We are still investigating with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission on how she escaped and we will be reviewing all the orangutan habitats," Karen Varga-Sinka Senior Manager, Communications and Public Relations said.