Neighbors pushing Tampa city council on Bayshore Blvd. safety changes following deadly crash

Posted at 5:29 AM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 17:15:03-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Advocates are demanding big changes from Tampa City leaders regarding the safety of Bayshore Boulevard.

“Pedestrians are really an afterthought in Tampa Bay,” said Megan Callahan.

The City of Tampa Transportation Director gave an update on plans for the road - which haven't changed. They still include adding more crosswalks and expanding bike lanes.

This comes just weeks after a mother and daughter were killed by teens accused of street racing.

“The fact that street racing is a common issue in Tampa further highlights the total disregard for pedestrians,” John Reisinger, the uncle of the woman who was killed said. “No more speeding in pedestrian zones, no more street racing. We can not stress enough the urgency of stopping irresponsible drivers from making fatal mistakes.”

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Since the crash, the speed limit on Bayshore Boulevard was lowered to 35 miles per hour. Some people say they'd like to see it even lower.

Advocacy groups voiced concerns about speeding, faded crosswalks, and obstructed sidewalks to city council members Thursday.

Jamie Rubscha was hit by a car going 40 miles per hour. The driver didn't see the red light. She flew 35 feet and lived to tell the tale. Rubscha says she wasn't distracted and didn't have earbuds in.  She believes she never saw the driver because the road design is so poor.

"That day my life changed forever. I was out of work for three months and spent over two years and tough physical therapy and I still go once a month to deal with my ongoing issues," she said.

She says looking at the memorial for Jessica and Lillia is hard. 

“I stopped at the memorial for the first time and fought back tears thinking this could have been me,” she said.