More officers to patrol Sunset Music Festival

Two people died at event last year
Posted at 5:14 PM, May 25, 2017

After a heavily criticized 2016 event, the Sunset Music Festival is back in Tampa this weekend.

Last year, two people died in connection to the event, 57 were hospitalized and 33 people were arrested.

Organizers promised changes for this year's event.

Drugs were a major problem in 2016. Event organizers and police say they'll be cracking down.

Tampa Police won't say how many officers their adding to this year's event, but say they are increasing the number of officers.

Tampa Police posted a video on Facebook with some tips to make sure attendees have the best experience possible. The video ends with an officer saying, "If you bring drugs, you will be arrested." Followed by the officer slamming the jail door.

Tampa Fire Rescue is also adding staff.

Heat is also a concern. The forecast calls for temperatures near 90. Organizers plan to increase the number of water stations at the event as well as changing the festival's layout.

"We've expanded our cooling tent capabilities, and also expanded the festival footprint to allow for greater circulation among attendees." Todd Josko, festival spokesperson, said.

The festival released a list of tips on their website to help ensure festival goers are safe and have the best experience possible. To find tips to stay safe at Sunset Music Festival, click here.