Many spending Thanksgiving holiday away from home, on the job

Estimated 1 in 4 Americans working on holiday
Posted at 7:28 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 19:28:10-05
While families enjoy traditional Thanksgiving meals at home, many people across Tampa Bay are spending the holiday on the job. 
Some people just can't get away from the sun and sand, even on Thanksgiving. 
"It's the weather, we like to be outside," said Steve Laiti.
Laiti decided to skip the dinner table, opting for a Bud Light and view of the beach at Whiskey Joe's in Tampa. 
"Give some money to our patrons that have to work on Thanksgiving."
According to an Allstate/National Journal poll, an estimated 1 in 4 Americans are working on Thanksgiving. 
Whiskey Joe's is offering a full menu on Thanksgiving day. 
Shelby Barton is serving customers on the holiday to help protect her pocketbook from tempting Black Friday deals. 
"I would definitely rather be making money than going out and blowing it and spending it on Christmas stuff," said Barton. 
Others have been called to serve in an emergency role. 
Many Florida fire rangers are on the front lines right now battling wildfires scorching the Southeast. 
"There are some arson problems going on that the drought is allowing the fires to grow exponentially worse than they normally would," said Senior Ranger James Gregory. 
Gregory is stationed in Tennessee for two weeks. Pictures he sent ABC Action News from the site of burning acreage illustrate why his help is so important. 
"There's a handful of us that play some roles that when it's time to go, you need to go," said Gregory. 
Even if it means being hundreds of miles away from loved ones on Thanksgiving. 
"They come to understand the importance of it and they get on board with us and that's the blessing in itself, is my family's understanding," said Gregory.