Local leaders worry about more divide between communities

Posted at 6:55 PM, Jul 08, 2016
Local activists say they worry about the high tensions across the country will leave more divide between different communities.
Former St. Petersburg NAACP President Manuel Sykes said his biggest fear is there will be a retaliation on both sides. 
He's referring to police and the African American community that feels there are many injustices. 
Sykes said he encourages peaceful protests, and they are key, "when you have a community: white, black, Hispanic, all of them coming together for the same cause, that kind of thing does more good."
He added, "it's saying we as a country and a community won't accept this kind of treatment."
The reverend says the right leadership - from police chiefs to mayors and our congressmen are essential. 
"You have to let black boys, black men, even persons my age know that the wrong circumstances, with the wrong police, it can end your life."
Sykes adds that violence on top of violence will not help with the change that is needed.