Jefferson HS students create Tolerance Day

Posted at 6:10 PM, Apr 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-15 00:51:18-04
Jefferson High School students are taking a stand against hate.
They're planning a tolerance day, but want the messages of unity and hope to extend far beyond that single event.
“Yellow is like a color of happiness and joy and I feel like everyone should try to feel that in their lives," junior Lesley Fernandez said. 
It's that feeling that these high school students are hoping to spread on the tolerance day they're planning in about two weeks. Many of these students know the need for acceptance firsthand. 
“I couldn’t believe it with my own eyes I’ve seen so much people be bullied over things they have no control over, you know, so, it’s a shame," senior Joey Khalife said. 
These teens are inspired to make a change by what they've overcome and by their teacher, who just saw her home country of Belgium bombed. 
“Instead of feeling bad in my own corner I was just going to gather my kids and try to send a message to everybody that that’s not the answer, tolerance is the answer," teacher Jeanne Herdocia said. 
Now they're creating posters encouraging tolerance for all types of differences. 
“Those stereotypes are what’s barring us from having any kind of complete...I guess you could say... assimilation because in the end we’re all still American," junior Sharon Simpson said.
“It’s a beautiful thing to see kids from all origins that speak different languages in here and they’re all getting together for one purpose," Herdocia said.
And if these teenagers get it, maybe the rest of the world can too. 
“You shouldn’t judge anybody by how they look or how they act because everyone is raised a different way and we’re all unique and perfect in our own ways,” Fernandez said.
Tolerance day at Jefferson High is April 28.