How to get hurricane supplies on a budget

Posted at 10:00 PM, Sep 05, 2017

Marilynn Sakkis was born and raised in Tampa and has lived through her fair share of storms. She always prepares and says her first stop includes stores like the Dollar Tree.

"I try to get whatever I can here. Batteries and candles to name a few things," said Sakkis.

Signs outside the store even encourage customers to come in and stock up at rock bottom prices. The savings are enormous.

"I would say triple most probably,' said Sakkis.

And when you might need food and supplies for days, Clara Guerrero agreed you can’t beat it.

"For the people who can afford it or who can not afford it. You are saving 50 cents on a can. You know that is a lot for people nowadays," said Guerrero.

But managers from discount stores to major retailers told us they have never seen it this busy so early before a storm. Hurricane Harvey's impact on Houston could be factoring in.

"Truly I am very nervous," said Sakkis. "That is why I am out here this early shopping."

"I am here for the same reason," echoed Guerrero. "We all look ahead and don’t think it’s going to hit us but after what we saw in Houston, God Bless those people is all I can say."

Managers urge people here not to panic. Even though many shelves are bare and basic necessities are sold out now. Supplies are coming in and at the promised low prices.

But there are free options, especially when it comes to water.

"Bottle your own water from the faucet when it is good," suggested consumer Donald Nurnberger. "I just bought some containers to put the water in and I am going to make ice packs."

If you need bigger items, namely generators you can try pawn shops. We found one on Dale Mabry that had generators for hundreds less. Resale websites like Craigslist and Ebay are options as well.

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