Hospital co-workers surprise new nurse after she lost everything in Hurricane Michael

Posted at 7:42 PM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 08:00:35-05

TAMPA, Fla. — A nurse who relocated to the Tampa Bay area after Hurricane Michael is overwhelmed by the generosity of her new co-workers. 

Ashley Prossick said her home near Panama City was destroyed by the hurricane in October. She had lived there with her husband and three children.

She relocated her family to the Tampa Bay area and got a job at St. Joseph's Hospital on the cardiac floor.

"Words can’t describe it. I’m so blessed, words can’t describe it, the love and just the gratitude that everyone has shown me... it's indescribable. I can never repay them or thank them enough," said Ashley Prossick.

Her co-workers surprised her with care packages and gift cards. They also gave her necessities she lost in the hurricane.

"They've given me care packages. they’ve given me gift cards. They’ve given me toiletries. They’ve done above and beyond, just even a hug when I least expected it can go so far in making me feel welcomed," said Prossick.

Prossicksaid the hurricane ripped the roof off her home. It also flooded her downstairs floor. The locked back door of the home was swung open during the hurricane. 

"The storm hit at 1 and was gone by 4. The sun was shining. I mean it was just like a normal day again but with destruction," said Prossick.

Prossick said she wanted to be a nurse after seeing the movie "Patch Adams."

She said she's overwhelmed by the generosity her new co-workers have shown her during this difficult times. 

"I hate asking for help, but me letting my guard down a little bit has been so much more than I ever expected," said Prossick.