Homeowners against lot-splitting in South Tampa neighborhood

Developers are splitting lots to build more homes
Posted at 1:58 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 18:58:58-05

TAMPA, Fla. -- “It’s all about greed in my opinion,” said Virginia Park homeowner Howard Tuuri.

You may have spotted them.

“Every day, there’s a new sign up that says, rezoning and here’s the hearing and they want to split it,” said Virginia Park homeowner Megan Collins.

Lot-splitting in this South Tampa neighborhood has homeowners ready for a fight.

“It’s dangerous when I’m walking my dogs. It’s dangerous when I’m out with my son riding his bike. There’s extra traffic,” said Collins.

Developers take one 100-foot-wide property, cut it in half and build two homes instead of one, squeezing in more concrete, more neighbors, more cars, and making more money.

“Where three cars used to be in one driveway, you have three cars in two different driveways adding to traffic on the street,” said Tuuri.

Five properties in Virginia Park are on Thursday night's Tampa City Council meeting alone. The area is sought after because of its outstanding schools and location.

“We love the fact that builders are coming in building beautiful new homes and most of them are doing it on lots that are 75 feet or larger, or 60 feet or larger,” said Virginia Park homeowner Jim Hopes.

While homeowners welcome new construction, they don't welcome lot-splitting which they believe will bring down property values.

“It’s like cluster homes or row houses. It’s not what we intended to move into 20 some years ago,” said Tuuri.

Tampa City Council will meet Thursday at 5:30 PM.