Heading into 2017: Only 8% of people achieve New Year's resolutions

Posted at 4:54 PM, Dec 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 16:54:22-05

You can let it motivate you, or deter you -- but research shows only 8% of people keep their New Years Resolutions.

Everyone has their own way of staying on the right path -- and sometimes it is as simple as finding someone who inspires you.

At Crunch Fitness Bloomingdale, there's lots of stories that will help you find motivation.

Christa Bessel, a mother of 3, is spotted with her trainer Shayne Corgan twice a week.

It's remarkable she's able to be where she's at after a freak accident a year ago left her biceps torn open, nearly to the muscle.

Bessel recalls the day she was holding a piece of Mexican pottery, before slipping and falling and shattering the pot into pieces.

She was left with stitches up and down her arms.

Bessel explains the pain and the injuries left her out of shape, and weak, "I had no balance, no strength, no flexibility."

She's heading into 2017 already on the right path -- three months with Corgan as her trainer, she's developing her strength.

"This isn't about weight loss, that will come with everything else, this is about me getting my life back."

Researchers have found some key things to help keep your goals: planning ahead, starting small and holding yourself accountable.

Another important note, getting rest. You may need to consider altering your sleep patterns before switching your routine.

You can expect to find the gym duo training right after the first of the year.