Florida drivers paying highest gas prices of 2017

Gas prices expected to go up into Labor Day
Posted at 1:40 PM, Sep 01, 2017

"I was really liking the gas prices not too long ago so yeah, when I woke up today, I was like, ahhhh,” said Joy Watts of Tampa.

Yes, they are up.

We are seeing the highest gas prices of 2017.

"It's gonna be rough with this gas price hike for sure,” said Marie Williams of Tampa.

People like Williams who drive equipment around for a living are feeling it.

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"It usually takes 40 dollars to fill up my tank. It's probably going to look more like 50 now,” she said.

Blame it on Hurricane Harvey.

Florida relies on the Gulf Coast for most of its fuel.

Now we're getting some of it delivered from places farther away like New York.

But don't panic according to triple a spokesperson Josh Carrasco.

"Don't worry about there being a gasoline shortage. You know there's still going to be adequate supply. Your local gas station will have gas right now,” he said.

AAA says fuel shortages in Texas are spotty and real because roads are closed.

Others are man-made because drivers are overreacting rushing to the pump out of fear.

Maria Aviles is filling-up only because she's delivering orders this weekend.

"Two Saturday and one Sunday-- wedding cakes, said Aviles.

And you can bet her cakes are little more expensive.

"Sometimes I need to charge more for the cakes—yes,” she said.