Drive-by shooting injures college student, raises worries in Seminole Heights

Posted at 6:42 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 18:42:29-05

A new shooting is raising more worries in Seminole Heights. 

This latest one landed a college student in intensive care after he was struck in the head by a drive-by shooting

Leonardo Perez is still trying to wrap his head around a startling phone call from Tampa Police this weekend.

He and his wife learned someone shot at their 19-year-old son Leo Junior, five times as he drove to get his girlfriend in Ybor City.

One bullet struck  Leo Junior in the head.

"That's a nightmare, it's anightmare. He's in St. Joseph's hospital and we're having a tough time with that," said Perez.

"A bullet went through the window and maybe lost power. I cannot say, I am not an expert but it hit his head straight it's something like God put his hands there." 

Perez struggled to explain. English is his second language. So, he asked his colleague Keith Kahn to help relay what happened to his son. 

"That's why he said maybe God's hands stopped the bullets or something. They shoot from the back and the bullet goes through the back window and maybe weaken a little bit, but hit the skull but maybe did not penetrate the skull."

The teen managed to pull over at a Shell Station on North Florida avenue and call 911.

"That is crazy and the first thing that goes through my mind is could it be the same shooter who shot those three people in Tampa, you know in Seminole Heights," he said. 

Tampa police said while in the same area of three open murders in Seminole Heights, they've found no connection and in this case no clear motive, and still no one in custody. 

"They follow good kids," said Perez. 

Perez said his son, a college student at St. Leo University is an innocent victim and lucky to be alive. 

"You cannot live with a piece of mind now. Wow. I don't know who did that. I do not have any enemies." said Perez. 

Leo Junior just got out of intensive care and should recover.

As for the person who put him there?

His dad and friend hope justice will prevail. 

"He is a scumbag shooting people like that," said Kahn. "Whoever this punk is I hope they catch him cause he's a punk he's a loser."