Cuban-American immigrants hold anti-Trump protest

Posted at 11:16 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 01:56:41-05

For those on the losing side of the 2016 presidential election.

"It hurt me so bad in my heart," said Janet Martinez who is from Puerto Rico.

"I got sick," said Cuban immigrant Augustine Lombart. Reality is setting in.

"I said oh lord, we are in trouble," said Jet Ortiz.

Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican immigrants took that frustration to the streets of Tampa Thursday, fearful of what a Trump administration could bring. Their signs read things like "Trump is unfit." Some signs calling the president elect racist and hateful.

"We want him out of office he doesn't fit as president," said Ortiz.

Each person standing on this corner doing so for their own reason.

"I have a son who is in the army," said Judy Costillo a Dominican immigrant.

Costillo says she's concerned Trump's temperament could lead to a serious conflict, sending her son to war.

Augustine Lombart, a Cuban immigrant, ran through a mine field, scaled a fence at Guantanamo Bay, just to get to America. He worries Trump's anti-immigration policies could rip families apart.

"I know men that have been in the US for 30,40,50 years, and they are still illegal, but they are paying taxes in this country," said Lombart.

"You're trying to send back people who have been here for years, back to their country," said Martinez.
Cars driving by honked their horns in support, some even yelling encouraging words from their car windows.

"Trump needs to step down," said Lombart.

And while their hope of Trump stepping down isn't likely, it hasn't stopped people near and far from having their voices heard.