Police say young boy found alone in St. Pete climbed out of window while family was asleep

Young boy found alone in St. Petersburg
Posted at 6:29 AM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 10:20:07-04

St. Pete police say a young special needs boy who was found wandering alone late Sunday night, has been reunited with his father after he reportedly managed to get out of a window while everyone in his home was asleep. 

The boy is believed to be between the ages of four and six years old. He was found in the area of 15th Avenue South and 43rd Street in St.  Petersburg late Sunday night. 

Someone who knew the boy and his family saw a Facebook post about him and called the boy's father to alert him. The father says they have several alarms and locks for the boy but he still managed to get out of the window and wander away from his home.