Waterfront neighborhoods brace for more 'King Tide' flooding

Posted at 4:45 PM, Oct 09, 2017

Waterfront communities across Tampa Bay are bracing for more flooding Monday night. 

A phenomena called a “King Tide” is drenching neighborhoods. 

While areas like Shore Acres in St Pete are accustomed to heavy rains making streets impassible, water gushing into their streets when it’s just bright and sunny is a bit odd.

“I opened the door and it was like everything was underwater," Margaret O’Connell couldn’t believe her eyes, “it happened so fast. It was a shock!"

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Her neighborhood went from perfectly dry to drenched in less than 3 hours. “It looked like a river. It was amazing. Everything was covered in water.”

Just down the street, Lauren McGrath’s friend snapped pictures near Connecticut and Overlook Drive showing several inches of water overtaking the streets. “It’s very weird. It looks like it was raining for days but it didn’t rain at all and here’s all this water,” McGrath said.

A “king tide” is caused by an alignment between the sun and moon. They are relatively common in the Fall, but Hurricane Nate stirred up Gulf waters. 

“I think drowning tide would be a more appropriate name for the thing," McConnell said with a laugh. 

Signs in Shore Acres warn drivers about the next round of flooding and impassible roads. “I hope it doesn’t flood again but I’m sure we’re going to get it," McGrath said with a sigh. 

O’Connell is already making herself cozy, “I guess I’m not going to leave the neighborhood. Me and the cat will hunker down and that’ll be that.”

The King Tides are expected to continue to be a problem until the middle to end of the week.