St. Pete officials say they're prepared for potential sewage overflow in storms

Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-31 07:08:32-04

The city of St. Petersburg has faced problems with sewage overflowing during storms, but this time things may be better. 

St. Pete mayor Rick Kriseman said the city is ready this time.

“Our storm drains have been cleared, our sewer system has been drained to maximize capacity during the storm,” Kriseman said.

With 3 additional tanks, the city can also handle 3 million more gallons of overflow than it could back in June, bringing the total up to 8 million gallons. 

But when asked if the city could still see sewage overflow problems, the public works administrator said, “Absolutely there’s still that possibility.”

People have been flooding Lealman Community Park all day Tuesday. filling sandbags. 

Robert Robbins mowed his Shore Acres lawn, because he said tomorrow it could be underwater.

“We’ve had the water almost up to the carport literally water it’s like a river you’re better off in a boat than you are in a car,” Robbins said. 

He also plans to protect his home with sandbags. 

“I need to stop the waves, divert them that way, so we’re definitely going to sandbag here and we’ll definitely sandbag by that door there,” Robbins said.

But he’ll only know how bad the flooding will be when we see where the storm hits. 

“It’s frustrating do you pick up your family and leave or do you stay here and try to weather out the storm,” Robbins said. 

You can still get sandbags as long as there’s daylight. You can get 20 bags a person.