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SPCA Tampa Bay's new rescue program Whiskers at Work brings puppies and kittens to your office

First you cuddle, then you adopt
Posted at 1:32 AM, Mar 05, 2018

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Tyler Bowen was a sitting duck.

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Friday morning, Bowen came into work at St. Pete’s Power Design by himself, but ended up leaving Friday afternoon with a black lab puppy named Amber.

“As soon as I saw her face she had me locked in,” Bowen laughs. “I had to go home with her.”

Non-profit animal shelter SPCA Tampa Bay started a new program called “Whiskers at Work.”

Power Design employs about 600 people on its St. Petersburg campus, but the SPCA says they will show up to companies of all sizes with dogs, cats, you name it.

Employees can cuddle and de-stress a little with a fur pal.

And then...

“Fall in love with the one animal that you just can’t live without,” says SPCA’s Luan Dean with a smile. “Then maybe there’s time to do an adoption.”

If you decide to adopt, fees range from $35 to a couple hundred dollars. Vaccinations, neutering or spaying, and microchipping are all included.

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