Pinellas Mobile Home & RV residents worried about Irma

Posted at 6:14 PM, Sep 06, 2017

There are big concerns for people living in mobile homes and RVs if Hurricane Irma steers our way. 

Donna Powers is an employee at Robert’s Mobile Home and RV Resort, and she is on a mission.

“I’ve already taken my lawn ornaments and tucked them away.”

Powers spent the day Wednesday getting her RV ready to brace Irma’s punching winds, as she dashes North. Before she evacuates, she needs to make sure the more than 600 RV and mobile home residents are ready to evacuate. 

“God forbid. My biggest fear is having a rescue person get hurt trying to help me when I could have helped myself. We are encouraging everyone to get out of here while they can,” Powers added.

Robert’s Mobile Home and RV Resort says they even had people evacuating Houston and hoping to take shelter in Tampa Bay.

“Some of the folks were coming from Texas to us ironically and we were advising them that’s not the best choice right now. You want to head further North,” Powers explained.

People living in mobile homes and RVS will be among the first to evacuate, alongside those in evacuation zone A. Pinellas County warns people in RVs and mobile homes have no choice: You have to leave if you want to live. 

Suzi Harpe and her husband Richard decided to evacuate their mobile home.

“Look at Houston, you just can’t take the chance.”

The Harpes are headed to Indiana, after pleas from their kids.

“They said get out of dodge, dad!” They’re worried about us. This will keep them from worrying so much.”

Mobile home residents also get the first dibs at Pinellas County’s 34 shelters, but things could be tight. You’re only going to have a 5 foot by 2 foot space per person in the shelters. 

Yet, not everyone is packing up. Bud Moore tried to convince his wife to head North, but she isn’t budging.

“I’m scared to death of it but I won’t leave my wife.” He knows it’s a risky move, “if it comes up the west coast we are in deep, deep trouble. It’s going to take our trailer out. We’re going to be gone.”

Now, Moore and thousands of others are turning to the man upstairs for a miracle, “You just pray you’re hardest and god has his own plan.”