Greenwood Cemetery gets a makeover

Posted at 9:13 PM, Sep 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-26 21:13:56-04


The Greenwood Cemetery is the final resting place for several of St. Pete's first residents, but the property has turned into shambles over the years.  A group of high school students from St. Petersburg High School decided to change the look of the cemetery.


"The grass was past our knees, the branches were all over the yard, there was trash," said student Caitlin Maselli.


The students got together to fix the problem.  They've been spending most Saturday's at the downtown cemetery for about a year.  Group members said they are making great progress.


"It was very sad for us to see the state it had fallen into a lot of the graves we couldn't even recognize," said Maeselli.


Group members are learning valuable lessons about themselves during this process.


"People find me more mature now from this project I've developed a mature personality just from working with this for a full year," said Student Michael Grubbs.


The class plans to pass the project down to future classes, so the improvements keep happening at the cemetery.


The students fund the project out of their own pocket.


"The city has so much historic significance a lot of the founders are buried here, it's really important to us to represent our city and make it a better place," said Maselli.