Hellview Cemetery in St. Pete won't open this Halloween

Local charity affected by closure
Posted at 6:42 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 18:42:52-04

Hellview Cemetery is a place in St. Pete sure to make you scream. The spooky spot's been scaring visitors for 19 years. It started as a small Halloween display and morphed into a massive haunted maze with actors jumping out at every turn. 

"I couldn't afford to take my kids to Halloween horror nights or Hallow-scream. We wanted a cheap alternative, so we made our own," said Mark Muncy, owner of Hellview Cemetery.

Muncy's family starts building displays in May to transform their backyard into your worst nightmare--all for some frightening fun.

But this year, for the first time ever, a neighbor complained. So the city of St. Pete started issuing code violations. And just weeks ago, the city said Muncy would need a different kind of permit than he usually gets to run Hellview Cemetery.

He still tried to get the new permit, but it was denied.  With no time to fight it, and still get this year's display together.

"It just became cost impossible," said Muncy.

The doom and gloom without Hellview is also affecting a local charity. The Kind Mouse brings kids to help with the haunt and Hellview donates hundreds of dollars to the group each year.

"This is a tough time of the year for all the non-profits because there's so many events in the fall. You have to get sponsorships and such.  It's difficult and challenging, particularly for a newer organization like ours," said Stan Wilkins, The Kind Mouse board vice president.

Hellview's hoping the community will donate to help The Kind Mouse fill the gap. And it's betting this cemetery will raise from the dead next year in a new location.

"We're certainly not gone for good. Hellview Cemetery is just like all the other lost cemeteries in St. Petersburg, they tend to come back every once in a while," Muncy said.

If you'd like to help The Kind Mouse, their annual fundraiser is coming up soon. It's set for Friday, October 7th at 6:30 p.m. at Ferg's in St. Pete. You can learn more at