Goodwill's free 'Job Connection' program committed to finding jobs for citizens

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 16:53:09-04

A mom of four, Qulynnitha Mackeroy, shopped at Goodwill for years, never did she imagine she'd go from good deals on clothes to a good paying job.

"You have to work hard to take care of your family," said Mackeroy.

Several months ago, just steps away from the jeans aisle she spotted a sign that read: "Goodwill's Job Connection."  A step inside, changed her life.

"They are here to help you to find work, they will help with your resume and job search and they have a workshop," said Mackeroy.

And all this for free. From computers to building a resume to copiers and fax machines to get it to the right place. On top of that, specialists helping every step of the way.

"It's good to have this in the community and you can come here anytime you feel like finding work," said Mackeroy.

Mackeroy not only landed a job in the medical field. She's back trying to find work for her 20-year-old son. She's feeling confident about it and gives credit to the Job Connection crew led by Donna McGrath.

"It's a win win situation," said McGrath.

McGrath said the program started just over a year ago. Her team is out in the community finding jobs and then helping thousands not only land work, but one that's a good fit.

She said with a changing market comes competition. And right now there are two key factors that could help people get that edge: A well written resume and then a better face to face interview.

"Employers want you to be engaged with their company even before you are hired," said McGrath. "We always tell people know more about it (the company) than what they expect you to know."

The pay off is huge.

"It is just a great feeling when somebody does come in and gives us a big hug and say, you got us employed thank you!" exclaimed McGrath.

And proof it's working. While we were there Donna got one of those hugs.

For hours of "Job Connection" and workshop information you can just head to their website.