New technology could slow speeders in Redington Shores

Posted at 7:48 PM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 19:48:40-04

The Redington Shores community is feeling some relief from speeders, after neighbors felt their lives were in danger. Now, new technology could help slow drivers down even further.

"It was probably 50, 60, 70, racing down this street, during the night, during the day, motorcyclists flying," Marilyn Goedde said, after living on 175th Avenue for years.

Walking her dog has become dangerous.

"We've had to run into the vacant lots to avoid being hit," she said.

But new stop signs and writing on the pavement have reminded drivers the speed limit is 20 mph.

"This is a good start," Goedde said.

The next step involves new technology. The commissioner for district 2 in Redington Shores said, they're adding two more digital radar signs, flashing drivers' speeds. The signs can send all the speeds to cell phones, making information readily available.

"With having our own signs we'll be able to get it quicker," Jeff Neal said, commissioner for district 2, said.

They can potentially target times of day speeding is the worst.

"Then it will hit them, oh I'm driving a little fast, I might need to slow down a little bit, that's all we're trying to do, we want everybody to slow down," Neal said.

Some are skeptical.

"People that come back here all the time, I don't think that it will make a difference," Loretta Fincks said.

But others are hoping for the best.

"This is the first time, in a long time, that there's a change," Goedde said.

The new signs are expected next week.