Four things that could make you a mosquito magnet

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jul 20, 2016
You could be making yourself a mosquito magnet without even knowing it. 
Sweating attracts mosquitos, and cracking a beer to cool down could bring even more of the pests. When your body temperature rises, mosquitos sense it. 
"They can sense it up to 100 or more feet an increase in body temperature and an increase in the chemicals that are produced when you're sweating," Dr. Trey Mainor with American Family Care in Pinellas Park said. 
Drinking alcohol and exercising heat you up and, on top of that, your sweat has chemicals mosquitoes like. 
"You increase your lactic acid production, which is one of the chemicals in the body that attracts mosquitoes," Mainor said. 
Pregnant women are especially wary of mosquito bites and the Zika virus but they're naturally attracting more mosquitos just by breathing. 
"Pregnant women do breathe more often than the average person so they produce more carbon dioxide," Dr. Mainor said.
Mosquitos flock to carbon dioxide, along with certain types of blood. A study shows people with type O blood are 83 percent more likely to get bitten than people with type A blood, who are least likely. 
Doctors suggest using bug spray containing Deet and to also spray your clothes. You can also try using disinfectant wipes to keep sweat off your skin and yellow light bulbs outside that don't attract mosquitos like white lights.