Driver hits Pinellas Park home, two sent to hospital

Driver hit gas instead of brakes
Posted at 4:25 PM, May 20, 2017

A Pinellas Park woman and her grandson were hospitalized Saturday afternoon, after a mini-van, driven by a relative, came crashing into their house.  It happened at a home in 8300 block of 68th Way.


Patrick Beavers says his mother-in-law was cleaning her bedroom and one of his kids went in to help.  Moments later, he heard a loud crash.  He says speeding is a problem in the neighborhood, so he thought someone crashed into a ditch.  He never expected to find his uncle's van, smashed into his home.  His mother-in-law was trapped, and his son got scared, and was hiding under the bed.  


Police believe the elderly driver may have hit the gas instead of the brakes, causing him to careen into the house.  


"My first reaction was run through the bedroom door, glass and all.  I don't give a (sic)--fire or not, I'm grabbing my family.  This whole block pretty much emptied out of their house and come to help.  If not, I think we all would've been screwed up," Beavers said.  


The building inspector has already been to check things out, and says the home is safe for the family to continue staying there.  They rent the home from a relative, and say there is insurance to help cover their losses.  


Patrick Beavers' mother-in-law is hospitalized with a broken leg and may need back surgery.  His son went to get checked out.  Both are expected to be okay, which he is very grateful for, knowing it could've turned out much worse.