Man shot by deputy in St. Petersburg

Posted at 4:19 PM, May 07, 2016

Deputies said Alton Witchard was shot and killed Saturday morning near 23rd Street South.  Investigators said Witchard was riding in a van with Cory Williams.  Deputies said Williams was driving recklessly and when they tried to pull the vehicle over the van struck patrol cars.  A short chased ensued, but then Witchard jumped out of the van near 23rd Street South.

"The passenger bailed out of the vehicle we he bailed he had an AR 15 auto rifle in his hand, he ran from the deputies, he turned around in a threatening manner toward officers as a result of that one of the deputies shot and killed the subject," said Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

Investigators said Williams sped off, but he was stopped about a half mile away.  He was charged with fleeing charges.  

Neighbors said they are concerned about the crime in the community.

"People need to straighten up you feel me, there's a lot of people doing crazy stuff out here in order for the police to get on them," said neighbor Andre McGirt.

One deputy is on paid administrative leave during the investigation.  

Investigators said Witchard had $4,000 on him as well as marijuana.