Bride: Woman crashes wedding, steals nearly all gifts

Thief left picture, signed guest book
Posted at 6:45 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 18:45:44-04

Like most brides, Marilyn Shuman dreamed of her wedding day.

"It was finally happening and everything was perfect," said Shuman.

From the flowers, to the cake and the gathering of loved ones sharing the moment she tied the knot.

But then looking out into the crowd, someone she didn't know.

"She was not a guest, I had no idea who she was. She approached me because I had been staring at her. She told me she was investigating the venue for her daughter," said Shuman.

Shuman said the woman told others that she came to the reception at the Little Harbor in Ruskin to look for her husband.

"She spoiled the euphoria that we were feeling at the end of the night,"  said Shuman.

And it got worse, Suman realized the woman stole more than precious time.

"We assumed that someone might have picked up all the gifts and cards from the table for us,"  said Shuman.

But to her shock most of the gifts were nowhere to be found, only three left on a table. So they asked to look at video taken at Little Harbor.

"In the video we can see she leaves the building with a large black purse,"  said Shuman.

ABC Action News asked managers if we could see the footage but they said no and would not comment on what happened.

Hillsborough deputies said they are investigating and will review the video but there's also another critical unexpected clue.

"I said that I want all of my guest to take a picture and sign,"  said Shuman.

With the memories to be kept in an instant Polaroid guest book was a photo of the woman.

"It's going to seal her fate I hope,"  said Shuman.

Action News is not showing the picture until detectives confirm she's a person of interest. But we can share this message she left in writing:

"Thanks for letting me share your special day."

That message added insult for Shuman who spent all day Sunday talking to investigators.

"That is time I will never get back with my family and we could have even left for our Honeymoon on Sunday.  So I hope that she is prosecuted ---caught and prosecuted --- and I want an apology,"  said Shuman.

She told deputies that she thinks the thief got away with about $2,000 in gifts.