Paramedic charged with killing girlfriend, reported it as suicide 36 hours later

Posted at 5:43 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-11 08:59:06-04

A paramedic is now in jail, charged with killing his live-in girlfriend after reporting her death a suicide weeks ago. 

The medical examiner said Tamara Naish was dead for 36 hours before her boyfriend reported it.

“She was just a kind gentle, beautiful soul, that did not deserve to have her life taken away like this,” Vicki Jones Deason said.

Friends and family in Alabama are still shocked their beloved Tamara Naish is gone. Now deputies said 43-year-old Thomas Elmore Jr., Naish’s boyfriend, killed her. They said Elmore reported it as a suicide 36 hours later. 

“The body was manipulated, evidence found at the scene is not consistent with a suicide, not consistent with Elmore’s side of the story,” Cristal Nunez with HCSO said. 

Elmore, a paramedic/EMT with Americare, said on September 21, he and Naish got into a fight about money issues, she kicked his dog and he left, then returned to find her dead. Naish’s childhood friend said that’s ridiculous.

“The most blatant lie right there, is that she kicked his dog, I find that baloney because she would not hurt, she would not hurt anything,” Deason said.

The arrest warrant said the gun was found in Naish’s left hand, even though she’s right-handed and she had a defensive wound on her right hand, as if to protect her face from shots. 

The medical examiner called it completely inconsistent with a suicide. 

“We’re just kind of dumbfounded about the whole situation and the whole thing, her family’s very upset,” Deason said. 

Elmore is in jail without the option of bail. He does have a criminal history, including domestic violence.