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Thousands show up to hear former President Donald Trump speak at Save America Rally in Sarasota

President Trump rally
Posted at 11:00 PM, Jul 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-04 13:43:36-04

SARASOTA, Fla. — President Trump was in the Bay area Saturday night. Thousands of supporters showed up to hear the former president speak at a rally at the Sarasota Fairgrounds.

ABC Action News reporter Anthony Hill was there and spoke with some Trump supporters about why it was important for them to be there tonight. and what they hoped to hear from the former President.

Thousands of Trump supporters came to the Sarasota Fairgrounds to hear former President Donald Trump speak at his Save America Rally.

For some people, it was their very first time attending a Trump rally.

“This is my first Trump rally. I’m very excited,” said Eva Vigh.

For others, this is nothing new.

“I’ve probably been to four or five,” said Donny Stephens.

The rain didn’t stop many people from coming out Saturday. Thousands of people waited for hours and braved the weather in order to hear the former President speak.

“We love the guy. We love to listen to what he has to say because we think like he does,” said Sue Spencer.

Lateresa Jones is an avid Trump supporter and she says she’s registered about 15,000 African Americans to vote for President Trump.

“I want to hear him motivate the crowd and let us know about continuing to push America’s first agenda, as well,” said Jones.

For her and many Trump supporters here, America’s first agenda is gaining a majority in Congress.

President Trump spoke about a range of topics from illegal immigration to crime.

“We won, won, won. We won so much and then we had a rigged election, unfortunately,” said President Trump.

President Trump is not new to Sarasota. In fact, this is his third rally here. He held two rallies in Sarasota during the 2016 presidential campaign trail.