Sarasota Sheriff's Office members honor 3 U.S. Army Veterans at National Cemetery

Posted at 6:28 AM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 06:34:16-04

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office went above and beyond to honor three U.S. Army Veterans buried on Wednesday after learning that no family or friends would be at their services. 

TEC 4 Laverne Behrens, PVT Gerald Stern and SP4 Stanley Pablo were laid to rest at the Sarasota National Cemetery on Wednesday, August 24. 

The Sheriff's Office posted a video of pictures taken during the ceremony on their youtube page. 

The Community Affairs Office put out the call across their agency to get members from various ranks to attend the services and the response was incredible. 

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office says "We hope these servicemen rest easy knowing their service to our great country will never be forgotten." 

About the veterans: 

TEC 4 Laverne Behrens
April 18, 1928 – August 3, 2016
Served May 27, 1946 – April 5, 1949

PVT. Gerald Stern
April 6, 1932 – August 11, 2016
Served November 27, 1957 – August 24, 1959

SP4 Stanley F. Pablo (Vietnam)
May 8, 1951 – July 4, 2016
Served July 14, 1970 – February 11, 1972

We've shared the video on our Facebook page. Be sure to check it out.