Students at Sarasota school can't watch eclipse after admins order unverified glasses

Posted at 4:36 AM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 08:05:10-04

Students at a Sarasota school won't be watching the eclipse with solar glasses - after a warning from Amazon, telling administrators the glasses aren't verified.

If you don't have a verified pair of glasses with ISO 12312-2 international safety standard printed on the side - looking up at the eclipse can seriously injure your eyes.

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"Even with a partial eclipse there still a tremendous amount of light energy coming into the eye if you look at the sun directly," said Dr. David Leach, a local Ophthalmologist, adding, you won't feel the damage as its happening.

He says once the damage is done - you're eye will not regenerate.

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It's a big reason why staff at Community Day School in Sarasota ditched the 150 solar glasses they ordered on Amazon after recently finding out the glasses aren't verified.

In a statement the school writes:

 "While school administrators are deeply disappointed at this turn of events, the safety of the children is their top priority."

They are now spending the morning putting together as many pinhole viewers they can so the kids can still get outside.

Lawrence Coleman is a father and a football coach in Pinellas county - he and his wife Kimberly say their kids aren't missing school because of the eclipse and think the pinhole viewer is a good idea. As far as his students, "we got high school kids they don't really care about all that stuff especially the football kids all they want to do is play football."

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Which is why they'll be staying inside.

"Normally what we do is we practice after school anyway. We'll either use that time to watch film or lift weights or something like that or just wait all together and then practice when it's safer at night," said Coleman.

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