New holiday traditions for kids who lost parents

Posted at 5:12 PM, Dec 23, 2015

A Tampa Bay family is celebrating Christmas this year without their parents. Four kids lost their mom and dad in an accident Halloween night. Now, other family members are keeping holiday traditions alive -- and starting new ones.

"When we were with my parents, we would go out to eat, spend the whole day with each other, watch movies, hang out... It was fun," said 13-year-old Justin.

The Howard kids lost their parents in a car accident Halloween night near the family's home in Georgia. Their story went viral after a trooper took them trick-or-treating, shielding them from the tragedy until their grandmother arrived.

Now, they live with Grandma in Sarasota. She's trying to make this Christmas without mom and dad a good one.

"It's not the first time, and it won't be the last. They know it, You know what I'm saying, I'm just surprised because mom and dad ain't here, and they don't act like it, because they're still happy," grandmother Stephanie Oliver said.

"We do ginger bread houses today, and I get to stick, it's funny because the frosting is kind of like glue," said Amiah Howard.

"The bible says when someone dies, you're not supposed to cry. You're supposed to be happy; you're only supposed to cry at weddings," Justin said.

"Just enjoying each other, like always, and they enjoy that. I'm going to take a picture," Oliver said.

Oliver said each kid will get something they asked for. She said in the new year, she wants to move into a bigger house for her grandkids.