Owner of now defunct assisted living facility still caring for elderly patients

Inspection reports: Rudy's Agape fined by state
Posted at 2:48 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 14:48:11-04

ABC Action News has learned, the owner of a now defunct Bradenton assisted living facility, under investigation by two state agencies, is operating another care facility not even a half mile away. 

We first told you about 16 seniors, many with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, forced to abruptly move from Rudy's Agape House last week. 

According to court documents, owner Nancy Cushman fell behind on paying rent for the building. 

The landlord evicted Cushman, and she then told the families of residents that they had only 36 hours to get their loved ones and move them out. 

More than half of the 16 former residents are now being cared for at The Cottages of Bradenton. 

ABC Action News has learned, in the midst of last week's frantic move, some were shuttled not even a half mile away to another facility state records show is owned by Cushman. 

Rudy's Agape House II is licensed with the state of Florida to hold eight beds. 

A woman named Sally was transferred from Rudy's Agape House to Rudy's Agape House II last week. 

"It was not a good situation over there," said Sally.  "There were too many people for the size.  I didn't know what it was actually going to be like until I got into the situation and it was uncomfortable."

Inspection reports uncovered by ABC Action News show the state fined Rudy's Agape House three times in past years and the facility had to respond to 10 deficiencies discovered since 2011. 

According to Sally, everything at Rudy's Agape House was pretty normal during her seven years living there. 

"But I'm sad because the people that I worked with over there I'd got to be friends with," said Sally. 

ABC Action News asked the agency in charge of licensing if the issues at Rudy's Agape House would impact Rudy's II.  A spokesperson for Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration said that license is in good standing but the agency is evaluating the situation and "will take any necessary actions to protect the health and safety of residents."