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College graduates worried about job opportunities

Posted at 8:13 AM, Apr 27, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. -- Graduating college and entering the workforce can be an exciting time for college graduates, but amid a worldwide pandemic, it can be terrifying.

Alle Moore knows all too well the fear it can bring. She's a college senior at the University of Florida.

She went full speed ahead when it came to her college studies. That set her up for a job post-graduation.

"My undergrad is finance, and my masters is international business," Moore said.

She's one of the lucky ones who is entering the workforce amid a pandemic.

Moore has a job waiting for her at Goldman Sachs, but those around her haven't faired as well.

"Some of my friends have even gotten their offers revoked because of the climate, and a lot of internships are being revoked," Moore said.

College career coach Fran Berrick has seen that first hand.

She said recent numbers showed more than 70% of college grads had their job offers rescinded.

One recommendation she has for soon to be college grads who are searching for jobs is to leave your ego at the door.

"If you can't get your dream job right now, and economically you know you have to make a paycheck take an entry-level survival role that works for you," Berrick said.

She said right now is a good time to reinvent yourself.

If you're thinking about starting a business or going back to school, she said if you have the option and availability to do it, now is a good time.

"If you do have the means to sit it out a little bit. Two options are doing meaningful volunteer work locally, or use the time to work on the hard skills that you need to round out your resume," Berrick said.

As for Moore, her hard work and timing have allowed her to look ahead, but she isn't taking that for granted.

"I am feeling pretty secure, but you never know. If this is like another year who knows," Moore said.