Students create program to stop bullying

Posted at 6:16 PM, Apr 29, 2016
Bullying has always been a problem in school, but the kids of 2016 are dealing with the consequences of bullying even when they leave school.  
Cyber-bullying is becoming one of the biggest problems for school administrators to tackle.
"The internet is where most of it is taking place," said Sarasota Officer Todd Perna.
Earlier this year, he said a group of Brookside Middle School students came to him about the issue of bullying.  The birth of "Kids Against Bullying" was born out of the conversation.
"It's a safe place for people to go and talk about their problems," said student Alannah Shephard.
Shephard said she was even bullied in the past.  
"I would never want anyone to feel the way I felt, because it's not a good feeling," said Shephard.
Group members meet twice a month to talk about how to stop bullying when they see it.  Also, the kids share bullying experiences they recently had online and in the classroom.
"We have had some people tell us that this has really helped me and I don't think I could have done this without you guys, it makes us smile," said Shephard.
Administrators said the number of bullying cases they are dealing with are down.
"We've seen a drastic reduction in the amount of witness statements that have written here at Brookside since February," said Perna.
Perna hopes to take this program to other schools in the district.