No timeline for debris cleanup in Manatee Co. upsets residents

10 percent of storm debris picked up
Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 12, 2017

Manatee County leaders released a map of where crews are currently picking up storm debris from Hurricane Irma.  

Click here to view the map.  

County leaders said they’ve collected about 115,000 cubic yards so far, but they still have about about a million more yards to collect.

"The bottom-line is that there is a lot and this is unprecedented and with all counties being impacted by debris we are vying for the same resources,” said Manatee County spokesperson Amy Pilson.

Wilson said forty-two crews are picking up debris. She said some crews are even working the weekends, but she didn’t have a timetable for when all debris would be collected.  

The storm cleanup will cost the county about $30 million.