New drug recovery program gives moms a second chance at employment

Moms learn how to work and stay clean

BRADENTON, Fla — Four months ago Danielle Fanno’s life was upside down.

"I started marijuana and then I started doing cocaine and then I started doing crack,” said Fanno.

The 20-year-old enrolled in the Beauty for Ashes recovery program and now she’s starting to work as a housekeeper.

“This is more than a job, it’s teaching me a new way of life,” said Fanno.

Debbi Hanna is director of the program. She said this provides former addicts with a clean slate and a new resume.

“It’s often difficult finding a job when you have a long period of not working or you have a record,” said Hanna.

The program just started, but so far they have about six women enrolled.  Click here for more information on the Beauty for Ashes cleaning program.

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