MCSO deputies shut down gambling operation

Hundreds used underground casino
Posted at 4:31 PM, Nov 04, 2016

People living next to the business located at 3255 15th St. E. in Bradenton were curious about what was happening inside. The building had no signs, but there was always a steady stream of customers.

"I was like dang there was a lot of people up here," said neighbor Tamia Mosley.

Mosley said fifty cars would be outside of the business during the weekends. Deputies said the business was supposed to be an internet cafe, but it seemed odd that so many people were framing into the small business.  

Deputies launched an undercover investigation last month and then raided the business on Thursday.  Investigators seized about eighty computers and thousands of dollars in cash.  

"The computers were the slot machines, the customer would get a code, put it in and it would turn into a regular type slot machine," said MCSO spokesperson Dave Bristow.

Investigators said Phalla Colman was the operator.  She was arrested on several charges for running the business.

Bristow said deputies will continue looking for illegal gambling operations in the county.

"It's not legal to have gambling in this county and as long as they pop up we are going to close them down," said Bristow.

Neighbors said people who want to gamble should go to a legal casino.