Dairy farmers forced to dump milk after Hurricane Irma

Limited storage space the cause behind the problem
Posted at 5:06 PM, Sep 14, 2017

Florida dairy farmers are finding themselves in a tough spot after Hurricane Irma. The demand for milk is down from consumers and stores without power, but the cows are still producing milk.

“You got to keep those cows milking you can’t stop milking them and that's the biggest thing for dairy farmers,” said farmer Jerry Dakin.

He said storage space is limited, so his company is forced to throw away thousands of gallons of milk. He estimates Dakin Farms in Myakka City is losing about a hundred thousand dollars.

“The milk that we produce now, there’s no place to put it. The stores south of us don’t have electric or anything so the milk is going on the ground,” said Dakin.

He said consumers can still buy milk directly from his farm. He believes sales will start to pick up this weekend when more stores come online.

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