Fuel shortages in gas stations around Polk Co. before Hurricane Matthew

Gas stations around Polk Co. out of fuel
Posted at 11:39 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 08:34:33-04

As Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida, including parts of Polk County, commodities like gas and water are becoming more difficult to find.

"There's a waiting line everywhere," said Dexter Smith, who was out with his family searching for bottled water. 

The storm will produce tropical storm winds and rain in parts of the county on Friday. 

By Thursday evening most gas stations around Winter Haven were out of unleaded fuel. 

The Marathon off Lake Shipp Dr. ran out of unleaded on Wednesday afternoon, but remained open. 

An employee there says they plan to close all day Friday. 

Meanwhile, less than a mile away, the Sunoco had gas, but the owner tells ABC Action News he didn't think it would last through the night. 

Mianne Nelson, spokesperson for the Polk Co. Emergency Services Center says the area has experienced shortages in food and fuel during the last few days. 

The center upgraded to a phase 1, and will now be staffed 24 hours. 

All county offices will be closed on Friday. 

Nelson says anyone with a non-emergency request should call (863) 401-2234.