Polk residents concerned about crime after street lights went out years ago

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 18:53:35-04

A Davenport neighborhood is being left in the dark.

People living at the Bella Toscana development say their street lights have been going out and staying out for almost three years.

Now, they are beginning to worry as more criminals start creeping into the neighborhood.

"It becomes a safety issue," Steve Schultz, who lives in Bella Toscana, said.

Schultz, frustrated with the disfunctioning lights, counted the lights that weren't working overnight. Thirty-two out of the approximately 50 lights were not functioning.

On Schultz street, not one light cam on last night.

Steve Schultz began complaining to Bella Toscana's parent company, Blue Water Community Management over a year ago. He has sent in three or more letters and emails, with only one response: it would be dealt with.

Since March of 2016, Blue Water Community Management hasn't said anything to Schultz or any other neighbor.

"They always keep promising and promising and promising and they never do anything about it," Eddy Castrillo, another dissatisfied neighbor said. Castrillo, has seen the worst of it, saying the dark street have caused criminals to burglarize his vehicle, along with many others in the community.

"A bunch of our houses and cars have been burglarized for it because of the situation." Castrillo said.

Residents at Bella Toscana say they pay about $200 quarterly in HOA fees and wonder what their money is being used for.

ABC Action News contacted Blue Water Community Management and they said they were not sure why it has take this long to be taken care of. However, Duke Energy will be replacing the lights within four to six weeks.

ABC Action News will follow-up to see if the work has been completed.